Top 5 reasons businesses like working with us

We’ve recently launched four new websites for local businesses in the Eugene/Springfield area, with many more currently in development. Our clients have been coming from a wide variety of industries, and each one has specific needs. Despite their difference there have been a few reasons that keep coming up for why people like working with RG Media Company.

Trusted local resource

Business owners are inundated with calls every week from people across the country that can “help you with your website/ad words/seo/ect”. Our clients like the fact that they can meet with us face to face and discuss their business goals first, and we can then help them develop digital strategies to achieve those goals.

Even better, as RG Media Company, we have provided businesses with expert advice and sales planning, in our market, for decades. Businesses know us and trust us to always have the best interest of our valued customers.

Digital strategy as part of a total marketing plan

We believe that your website is an online extension of your business, and that your digital strategy should be ingrained into your overall marketing strategy. Our clients like the fact that we are not here to design a great looking website and send them on their way.  We continue to work with them, making sure that their blogging, email marketing, and social media are tying into communication strategies in print.

Monthly billing

We don’t charge a large upfront fee to build your website, and have found many of our clients really appreciate that. Small businesses can’t always afford a large capital investment up front, and so all of our services are billed monthly. This has made our already competitive prices, even more affordable, and allowed our clients to move forward and start enjoying the success of a functional, well-designed website.

Video production

As part of our website packages we provide video production and photography services. Our clients have enjoyed having a video that can showcase the business, as well as give a face to the name of the owners.  We have also recorded video testimonial taking word of mouth to a digital level. These videos not only provide high value content on the site, but help with SEO on YouTube.


We hear over and over again from the local business community that they don’t have control over their website, and don’t have the ability to update it themselves. We have already helped a few clients free themselves from some tangled situations. Whether it’s your domain name, or control of making site changes, we believe that the site belongs to you, and you should have the ability to make updates quickly and easily.

Our clients never feel like they are being left to fend for themselves, as we provide monthly maintenance hours and monthly reporting, as well as quarterly strategy sessions.

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