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Quick Tip: Page speed improves your mobile Google search rankings

speed test screen on mobile

In July 2018, loading speed became a key factor in Google’s mobile search rank algorithm. So, how can you ensure that your page loads as quickly as possible on mobile? Tips for increasing page loading speed to increase overall page rank Here are two quick tips for speeding up your mobile (and desktop) page loads… Read more »

Mobile-friendly sites continue to be rewarded

Mobile-friendly web design, Eugene

Having a responsive website is more important than ever. Google announced this month that mobile-friendly websites will continue to be rewarded in their new update this May. This update is a continuation of their update of April 2015, giving responsive sites a boost in search rankings. According to Google, the new update will “increase the… Read more »

How RG Media Company integrates Google’s micro moments into your web development

Google Micro Moments at RG Media Company

“Think with Google” came out with a great study this summer on Micro Moments— real-time, intent-driven moments in a consumer’s online journey. By understanding these moments, brands can shape their marketing strategy. With the growing use of smartphones and the Internet readily available to us at all times, each of these moments is primarily driven… Read more »

3 Steps to take to improve your bounce rate

Bounce rates and Google Analaytics help, Eugene

What is bounce rate? The bounce rate in Google Analytics is “the percentage of people who arrive on your site and leave without visiting a second page,” as explained by Blast Analytics & Marketing. Compare bounce rate to traffic in any given store; how many customers walk into a store only to walk right out?… Read more »

Google will soon reward mobile friendly sites

Mobile friendly web design, Eugene

On April 21 Google will launch a gigantic change to the way it ranks websites in search.  According to Google Webmaster trend’s analytist Zineb Ait Bahajji, this will have more impact than their recent Panda or Penguin algorithim updates.  In this change Google is looking at one simple thing: is your website fully optimized for… Read more »

Google Plus business help

Google Plus help at RG Media Company

Either a lot of Eugene area businesses have the same l blue box logo, or we have a Google+ problem. I’m talking about the default logo that Google uses for business listings, as well as the default cover photo.  I’ve scanned many ‘Google My Business‘ listings in the Eugene area, and many haven’t taken the… Read more »