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Facebook and social media marketing at RG Media Company

Facebook and social media marketing at RG Media Company in Eugene

Social media is a critical tool for businesses of any size to connect with their customers. We offer social media services including account and ad management. Whatever your goal may be, we will work closely with you to target your customers and to meet objectives. Take a look at just some of the strategies we… Read more »

Choosing the right social media marketing platform for your business

Social media marketing, Eugene

With 74% of all internet users 18 and older using social media sites, social media has become a fundamental element of marketing strategies today (Pew Research Center). Customers today expect to find your business online and when they can’t, they find your competition instead. While it is important to be involved with social media to… Read more »

4 Benefits of a digital-centric business

Digital solutions for businesses, Eugene

Are you interested in digitizing your business but not sure where to start? Our team at the RG Media Company in Eugene, Oregon can help you enhance your digital marketing presence to create additional new revenue streams, improve efficiency and utilize the latest technology. Our services include: Mobile-friendly website production and design Email marketing Content… Read more »

Facebook changes in 2015

Facebook and social media marketing, Eugene

Early on in the movie The Social Network, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg states that Facebook is like fashion, it is never finished.  True to the dialogue in that movie Facebook is making another round of changes for 2015.  Businesses, both large and small, should be prepared for the changes coming our way. Advocate marketing platform… Read more »

Facebook referral traffic dwarfs the competition

Social media management, Eugene

Should your business be on Facebook? Looking at a new report by Shareaholic, which analysed the traffic of more than 200,000 website, the answer is yes. According to the report Facebook now drives over a fifth of the overall traffic (direct traffic, social referrals, paid search, organic search, ect) to these websites. Facebook is not… Read more »

Facebook cares about time spent on page (and so should you)

Social media management, Eugene

Quality content for local social media Facebook is in a constant battle to improve your News Feed.  They want to serve you the photos you enjoy looking at, the posts you want to read, and the articles/links that interest you.  If Facebook delivers content you don’t care about, then you will stop caring about Facebook. … Read more »