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Google Search Rank: How to get to Page One

How do you get to Page One of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs)? Just like a chef’s signature recipe, it takes a mix of high-quality ingredients. We call this recipe your marketing strategy. What are the ingredients for a solid marketing mix today? Three key strategies to get your business at the top of… Read more »

How to write valuable content with case studies

In the ever-evolving world of search engine optimization (SEO), one of the best ways to promote organic leads is to publish “valuable content” online. But what does that really mean? What is valuable content? Valuable content is content that informs and empowers website visitors with knowledge about how your product, service or industry expertise can… Read more »

Five steps to build a successful blog strategy

Blog strategy and content marketing, Eugene

Blogging is one of the most essential marketing tools for businesses today. Blogs help to establish a presence in your industry, connect with customers, generate leads and improve SEO. Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI. B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that… Read more »

Sponsored content, a new marketing channel to tell your story

Sponsored content services, RG Media Company

RG Media Company has joined a growing group of media companies offering sponsored content on its website. This new marketing channel offering has been embraced by digital publications and media companies including Forbes, Buzzfeed, the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Almost three-quarters of polled U.S. publishers said that they already offered sponsored… Read more »

5 Ways to write scannable web content

Content marketing, RG Media Company

When it comes to content writing for the Web, the key is to make the content scannable and as easy to read as possible. Readers browsing the Internet are in a hurry and want to find information right away. According to research by Jakob Nielsen, only 16% of test users read web copy word by… Read more »