Sponsored content, a new marketing channel to tell your story

Sponsored content services, RG Media Company

RG-Sponsored-ContentRG Media Company has joined a growing group of media companies offering sponsored content on its website. This new marketing channel offering has been embraced by digital publications and media companies including Forbes, Buzzfeed, the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Almost three-quarters of polled U.S. publishers said that they already offered sponsored content on their site and another 17 percent said they were considering offering it, according to the Online Publishers Association and Radar Research. Often called “native advertising,” sponsored content is an advertising tactic used to raise brand awareness and to tell a story. According to Dedicated Media, sponsored content can generate up to an 82% increase in brand lift.

What is sponsored content?

1. Paid content placement

Sponsored content gives advertisers an opportunity to be a part of a user experience and to reach online consumers of an established publication. Advertisers can get creative and spread awareness of their brand through original content.

2. Seamlessly integrated

Sponsored content is integrated into the publication’s content so that it does not disrupt the user experience or credibility of the publication.

3. Targeted content

Sponsored content must be informational and targeted to the publication’s readers. Often an editorial piece, the aim of sponsored content is for it to be educational, helpful or valuable, not to sell a product or service.

4. Collaborative

Sponsored content creation at RG Media Company is a collaborative effort. We will help review advertiser content so that it delivers the desired messaging to our readers. We can also help create original content, from concept to publication, again in collaboration with the advertiser.

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RG Media Company in Eugene, Oregon offers sponsored content opportunities with high prominence on our home page adjacent to the day’s top stories. Our services include exclusive advertiser banner ad placement, hyperlinked words and page view-minimum guarantees. Take a look at our sponsored content by PenFed Credit Union and contact us today to get started with your story.