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Facebook is in a constant battle to improve your News Feed.  They want to serve you the photos you enjoy looking at, the posts you want to read, and the articles/links that interest you.  If Facebook delivers content you don’t care about, then you will stop caring about Facebook.  Quality content is vital to their business, and that is why they announced new ways to combat “click-baiting” posts, which  they dubbed “spammy”.

What is click-baiting?

“Click-baiting” is  a link with a headline that doesn’t have much information about what someone will see, but encourages people to click to see more.  Because of the way Facebook works, if a link gets a lot of clicks, then they think more people will want to see the content and they will serve that post to more people.  The problem is, if people get to the content and don’t really want to see it they have a bad experience.  This happens enough times and they start to have a problem with Facebook.

To combat this problem Facebook says it will look at the amount of time spent on the page that is linked.

” If people click on an article and spend time reading it, it suggests they clicked through to something valuable. If they click through to a link and then come straight back to Facebook, it suggests that they didn’t find something that they wanted.”

They also said they will look at the ratio of people clicking on links to your site with the amount of people engaging with it through likes, comments and shares.

Facebook warns businesses not to use “click-baiting” posts like this one.

How should local Eugene area businesses react?

I would venture to guess that most local businesses aren’t engaging in click-baiting posts, attempting to trick people to click on links to their sites. However, not everyone is creating quality experiences on their websites. You should be creating strong compelling content on your site for your visitors to engage with, and keep them on your site, and ultimately lead them to do business with you.  Do you have high quality articles, photos, event calendars, reviews, or product descriptions?  Are you blogging? Are you creating reasons for people to stay on your site longer, and seeing the “Time Spent on Site” metric go up in your analytics?

You also need to be social with your social media.  Don’t just post links to your site, but post questions and comments to drive users to like and share.  I’ve heard many businesses say they don’t care about likes, that they care about clicks to their site, well now likes, comments and shares will lead to more people seeing your posts.  The more people that see your posts, the more opportunities you get to send them to your site.

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