Six benefits of professional PPC management

PPC and SEM management in Eugene

Pay-per-click (PPC), often called Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is a great method of advertising to drive targeted traffic to your website and business. While you may know your industry, managing a PPC campaign can be time-consuming and complex. The best option is to hire an expert so that you can focus on your business and see improved ROI.

What is Pay-Per-Click?

In contrast to organic Search Engine Optimization, PPC lets you buy traffic to your website through paid search listings. PPC allows for your ad to be at the top of the first page of search engine results. Learn more about PPC and SEM here.

Why You Need a PPC Professional

1. Constant monitoring

Think of a PPC campaign as a living organism—many elements need to be facilitated for it to grow. Professionals will make sure that your campaign is constantly updated for the best results. They will also track click-through-rates and conversion rates that measure ROI.

2. Choosing the best campaign type

One of the first steps to starting a PPC campaign is to choose a “campaign type” in Google AdWords. This initial step sets your campaign off on the right foot. Because every business has different goals, it is critical that a professional chooses the right campaign type to meet your needs.

3. Keyword research

Keywords help your ad to show up for the customers interested in your business. These keywords need to match up with actual terms your customers are searching for. Managing a keyword list often requires analysis of search volume, price and competitiveness.

4. Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking helps to measure your ROI. Whether it’s getting more phone calls, video views or newsletter signups, you can track specific customer actions your ad leads to. It is best to have an expert correctly set up conversion tracking for accurate results.

5. Measuring the quality score

The quality score measures the general quality and relevance of your ad. The quality score also tells you where your ad will be positioned. The score is based on:

  • Expected click-through-rate
  • Ad relevance
  • Landing page experience

The higher the quality score, the lower your cost per click. A professional will evaluate your quality score and refine your campaign for the best results.

6. Understanding the search terms report

The search terms report tells you how well your ad performed when triggered by actual search queries. An expert will analyze this report, adding keywords and negative keywords to save your valuable dollars. Negative keywords are just as important as keywords—terms that your ad should not show up for. Negative keywords help your ad to show up for relevant search queries only, driving desired conversions.

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