Local SEO tip: NAP online

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Want a quick tip for local SEO? Make sure you NAP correctly across the web. I’m not talking about sleeping on the job. NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number, and you want to make sure your business is being consistent with how it lists this information across the Internet.

Search engines like Google use this information when determining which companies to show for geo-target searches. The more local citations you can build up with consistent NAP the better you are going to do with SEO.

Your website

Start here. Make sure you are using the phone number and address you want to use across web, and make sure this information is displayed on your site.

Google My Business

Verify your business with Google and make sure you use the same NAP you used on your site.

Online directories

There are hundreds of online directories across the web and you want to make sure they have your correct information. I have found tools like Moz Local and Express Update can help you check for duplicate and incorrect listings.

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