Integrating content categorization into your SEO strategy

Integrate content categorization into SEO strategy

Categorizing content to specific areas of a website results in a better user experience. How? Users are exposed to targeted, focused content that match their interests. It can also contribute to the impact of your SEO strategy.

Content categorization and SEO

Content categorization contributes to search engine optimization (SEO), a necessary component of website development that raises your website’s rank on search engine queries.

  • Bounce rates may improve, since people are more likely to stay on pages longer
  • Exit rates may improve, since people are more likely to explore deeper
  • Content hierarchy is improved, since detailed information is quickly accessible from broader pages
  • Conversions may increase since potential customers are exposed to content most relevant to them

Content categorization for our clients

Marcia Edwards

Blog posts

Residential Broker Marcia Edwards had a collection of articles she had published in The Register-Guard’s Blue Chip publication. We made each article a blog post and categorized them to specific pages on the side bar by home buying, selling and building. This way, a home buyer landing on the Buy information page will see detailed blog posts only on home buying.


We also categorized Marcia’s real estate podcasts into the three categories to list on the side bar. Home buyers are only exposed to podcasts related to home buying.


Isler CPA

Blog posts

Isler CPA had a bank of blog posts on many topics. We categorized specific blog posts to related service pages by topic  in the sidebar. This way, users will see resourceful blog posts related to the service they are interested in.

Staff members

We also categorized their staff members by the service they provide in the side bar. This helps users to contact the appropriate professional directly.


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