How to write valuable content with case studies

In the ever-evolving world of search engine optimization (SEO), one of the best ways to promote organic leads is to publish “valuable content” online. But what does that really mean?

What is valuable content?

Valuable content is content that informs and empowers website visitors with knowledge about how your product, service or industry expertise can help them achieve their goals. This can be content that answers frequently asked questions or provides solutions to problems related to your industry. It also can be content that offers deeper-diving explanations of your company’s offerings that detail how your product or service fits within and improves a potential customer’s life.

One of the richest types of content a business can offer potential customers is case studies.

RG Media Company receives many questions from customers about the value of case studies for their new websites. Case studies are an excellent way to promote your brand, services and customer experience, as well as to generate new leads. They not only help potential customers understand the products and/or services that you offer, but also how they can directly benefit from them.

Why should your website feature customer case studies?

Case studies build trust with potential customers

It is common knowledge in the marketing industry that consumers trust friends’ and family members’ recommendations more than those of an advertiser or business. The same is true for recommendations by fellow customers.

When consumers research the quality of a product or service, they want an unbiased opinion; someone who has used the product or experienced the service first-hand and shared their honest thoughts about it. By providing real-world, data-driven accounts of a successful customer partnership directly on your website, you’re building trust with those visitors in the place where they most easily can convert to customers or new leads.

Case studies can improve your SEO

Cultivation of trust is one of the reasons online reviews are so valuable for SEO. Consumers researching your product or service read reviews about it on your Google My Business page (or on Yelp, or on Facebook, etc.). They see the positive reputation you’ve built with your customers and then follow those great recommendations with a visit to your website.

In addition to organic leads, the more positive reviews your business has, the higher Google My Business will rank your business online. Case studies act like reviews for your website’s page rank, as they provide search engine spiders with valuable content.

They even have the added advantage of control over which customer stories you tell. Reviews are customer-driven, so you are in the defensive position when it comes to their effect on your business’ reputation. With case studies, you have full control over which customers you study, the tone of voice for the story you tell and the information that is presented from that customer experience. This way, in an honest retelling of your customer partnership, you can best guide potential customers to what your offerings can do for them.

Case studies allow your brand to become a part of a potential customer’s personal narrative

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to share information because, if you think about it, stories are what our lives are made of.

When we hop into the car in the morning and wonder which route we should take to work to avoid traffic, or when we think about whether to make dinner or to splurge on that new restaurant downtown, we envision the potential plot for a set of characters, as if we are telling ourselves a story. And when we aren’t telling ourselves stories, we tell them to each other—about things we find interesting, challenging or helpful.

At RG Media Company, our job as marketers is to slot your products and services into each of your customers’ personal narratives. We do so by marketing memorable stories—those that our customers have a vested interest in, or that can help them solve a problem.

Case studies are great stories for businesses to tell because they allow you to show your potential customers real-world examples of how your company works, what you have done to help customers succeed in the past and how you can meet your potential customers’ needs in the present and future.

Case Studies make your brand more human

Storytelling in marketing has been on the rise since 2011 because it makes all the statistics and data that we build businesses upon a little more relatable—and especially memorable.

Stories are often easier to share than raw facts, such as retention rates or performance statistics, because they access customers’ emotions and are thus easier to recall. And if they are easier to recall, they are easier to tell, promoting word of mouth advertising for your brand.

That being said, real numbers also are important to include in your case studies. These numbers are valuable proof of the successes that your product or service has provided for your customer’s business. Just make sure to include the human-side of the exchange, as well; the personal touches your company applied to each step of the process are important to frame the data, as they are an integral component of a successful partnership.

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