Five Google analytics reports to help grow your business

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Understanding how customers use your website is a fundamental aspect of digital marketing success today. Google Analytics helps to do just this, breaking down data on customer behavior into reports. Using these reports, you can see where your investment is paying off and what elements need refining to improve your marketing campaigns.

1. Segments

Segments are a way to break down different types of users so that you can track and compare their specific flow of action. This can be for new or existing customers, users in a specific city, or any other group of users you want to track.

Examples of Segments:

  • A winery sets up segments of local and out-of-state customers to compare how differently they use the website.
  • A clothing store tracks their digital ad’s ROI by setting up a segment of customers who found the store through the ad.

2. Events

Events help track user actions and transactions on your website. This includes:

  • Filling out a form
  • Downloading a PDF or other file
  • Video plays
  • Adding comments
  • Clicking on ads or images

Event tracking tells you which elements of your marketing strategy are working, and which need to give more incentive to users to take action.

Example of an Event Report:


3. Goals

Whether it’s to get users to make a transaction, provide information or to contact you, every website has a goal. The Goals section helps to measure where your investment is paying off by tracking the actions of users throughout a conversion process. If users are not completing the process, this tells you that your marketing plan needs to be refined to increase conversions. Monetary values can be assigned to goals to calculate the ROI on your marketing and advertising campaign as well.

Goals can also be used to compare the effectiveness of different advertising platforms. For example, if a goal of your website is for visitors to fill out a “Get a Quote” form, Google Analytics will track where the visitors who completed the form arrived from, whether it was through a Google search, digital ad or an email newsletter.

4. User Flow

User Flow shows what pages users are looking at most and their flow of action on your website. This section breaks down bounce and exit rates; the number of users who leave your website from a landing page. It also shows which pages the remaining users go to.

Example of a User Flow Report:

Google Analytics User Flow tracking, RG Media Company

5. Social Overview

Apart from your website, social media is probably another marketing channel you spend a lot of time on. The Social Overview shows which social networks are driving the most traffic to your website and business. From there, you can refine your social media strategy for each network by tracking content that performs best.

Example of a Social Overview Report:

Google Analytics Social Overview tracking, RG Media Company

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