Facebook referral traffic dwarfs the competition

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Should your business be on Facebook? Looking at a new report by Shareaholic, which analysed the traffic of more than 200,000 website, the answer is yes. According to the report Facebook now drives over a fifth of the overall traffic (direct traffic, social referrals, paid search, organic search, ect) to these websites.

Facebook is not only the largest source of social media traffic, it is also the fastest growing one. In September of 2014 Facebook accounted for 10.4% of traffic, in 2015 it grew to 22.4%. That’s an increase of over 115%.

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Infographic: Facebook Dwarfs Competition in Terms of Referral Traffic | Statista


When deciding where to budget your resources for social media, be sure to research where your customer base is. However, don’t ignore the fact that Facebook is a huge traffic source, and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

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