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E-commerce website solutions, RG Media Company

E-commerce is an opportunity for a business to monetize its website. E-commerce solutions can expand your customer base, improve efficiency and help you refine your marketing strategies. Our digital experts can design an e-commerce website that works for you.

Three e-commerce marketing benefits

1. Increase revenue

E-commerce allows for your business to be open 24/7, 365 days a year. This means extending your reach to customers outside of your physical store location. An online store can also drive traffic to your website through search engine optimization and SEM campaigns.

2. Improved efficiency

Online transactions can improve efficiency and communication can be enhanced with contact forms. Large amounts of inventory organization are more convenient with as well.

3. Better understand your customers

An online store allows for accurate data tracking of your customers. Using analytical tools, we can help you measure the effectiveness of your promotion efforts, how customers navigate through your website and what products are most popular.

Is e-commerce right for you?

E-commerce can limit personal interaction with customers. To gain customers, your online store and marketing strategy will need constant monitoring and fine-tuning.

Our best e-commerce solutions

RG Media Company in Eugene designs customized e-commerce systems for clients in various industries. Take a look at a selection of our e-commerce designs:

Benton-Lane Winery

Benton-Lane Winery’s wine shop enhances the shopping experience with discounts for club members and special seasonal offers.

Benton-Lane Winery e-commerce website

FOOD For Lane County

We developed a donation system where people can make single or monthly contributions as well as tribute gifts online.

FOOD For Lane County e-commerce website

Mac’s Custom Catering

Customers can order food trays and box lunches for pickup or delivery from Mac’s Custom Catering.

Mac's Custom Catering e-commerce website

Ocean Odyssey

Guests can book vacation homes on the Oregon Coast with the custom reservation system we’ve built.

Ocean Odyssey e-commerce website

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