Some news about reaching local football fans that may surprise you

Reach football fans with RG Media Company

Did you know that only 38% of the Eugene-Springfield market even has cable TV? And that Dish and DIRECTV viewers only see local ads if they are running on the broadcast (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX) networks they carry? So you won’t be reaching many local football fans on ESPN, Comcast Sports, Fox Sports or the Pac 12 Network with either cable or satellite.

Our reach

If you want to capture the attention of thousands of enthusiastic college football fans this fall, RG Media Company in print and online is the best place to put your advertising message. The chart below uses Media Audit’s Eugene-Springfield survey data to find the most effective media to reach local folks who attend college and professional sports games and also those who follow college football on TV and radio. Using Media Audit’s technology, we’ve created a composite mix of those two groups that we’re calling Super Fans. Take a look at who comes out on top. No other media comes close to RG Media Company for reaching fervent football fans!


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