Are you master of your domain?

Domain name help, Web development at RG Media Company

Does your business control its domain name?  It’s possible that you hired a web developer, or website builder, to create your website and when they purchased your domain (the address that points to your website), they registered it in their name.  This might be alright, if it is someone you can trust, but there are companies holding business websites hostage, by owning the domain as a way to control your business with them.

At RG Media Company when we develop a website, and purchase a domain for a client, we register that domain in your name, so you own it and you control it.  We can be listed as an administrative or technical contact if you want our help in managing it, but the domain belongs to you.

How to see who controls your domain

In order to see who controls your domain go to and type in your website address. You should see results that look something like this.

Registrant Name: Richard A Baker Jr
Registrant Organization: Guard Publishing Co
Registrant Street: 3500 Chad Drive
Registrant City: Eugene
Registrant State/Province: OR
Registrant Postal Code: 97408

Pay special attention to who’s listed in the Registrant section. That is who actually owns your domain, and if it’s not you it may be time to transfer the domain over to you.

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If you have any questions on this or any other web related issues, please feel free to contact us at any time.