4 Reasons why your business needs a domain based email address

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Is your business using an email address that ends in @comcast.com, @yahoo.com or @aol.com? Perhaps your business card reads bobsmith4598@gmail.com. These types of email addresses are fine to give out to your friends, but you don’t want to use these for clients, patients or customers.

Every local Eugene area business, small or large, should have its own professional, branded email address that matches the website domain.

Why you need a business email address

It’s professional

Everything you give to your customers should represent you. Compare having the email address kimsmith4598@gmail.com versus kimsmith@eugenedental.com Which one better represents a professional dental practice? Which one looks like a real business?

Develop trust

It seems like every day we read about some new Internet scam, or we are receive a scam email in our Inbox. How do consumers know who they can trust? Would you trust an email from mrfixiteugene@yahoo.com? Would you click on a link from that email?

Your domain based email address, and the website it is based on, will add to your credibility. It brings consistency to your professional image and brand you want to maintain for your existing and future customers.

Ease of use

yourname@yourdomain.com is a lot easier to remember than the first thing you thought of, that wasn’t already taken, when you signed up for Comcast. You want to make it easy to remember, both for you and your clients.

Marketing and branding

Having your own domain name and custom email address reinforces brand awareness.  If your business email is promoting hotmail it is like wearing a Microsoft Office symbol on your lab coat. You become a billboard for someone else’s company.

Plus, info@coburgrestaurant.com sounds a lot better than coburgrestaurant@hotmail.com, doesn’t it? Marketing, branding and perception is important.

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