Benefits of lead generation and conversion forms

What is a lead generation form?

Unlike basic forms that may only ask for a name and email address, lead generation forms (also often referred to as conversion forms) include fields that capture specific, personalized information about the customer. This may be the product or service they are seeking, the industry they work in, or their preferences. Lead generation forms have multiple options for the customer to choose from and make it clear to you on what their needs are. Having this information helps your business to get more qualified leads; prospects who fit your business standards and convert into new customers.

Benefits of lead generation forms

Improve User Experience

  • Forms allow for a structured and well-organized way to receive inquiries and to respond to them quickly, making communication more efficient.
  • You will be able to respond to inquiries from customers with information most relevant to them because you will know from the form what their needs are.

Generate Qualified Leads

  • A strategically created form will display your expertise in the industry and your range of products or services.
  • Receive information from prospects that are willing to provide the necessary information, generating more qualified leads.

Data-Driven Business

  • Forms allow for data to be stored efficiently and over a long period of time.
  • Conversion data can be tracked to analyze your business and customer needs.

Our Work

Our team at the RG Media Company in Eugene, Oregon can develop customized lead generation and conversion forms for your business. We will develop conversion form strategies according to your needs for improved lead generation.

A prime example of a lead generation form we have created is for Mac’s Catering, a dynamic form where customers can request catering services for their event.

Conversion form for Mac's Catering

Conversion form for Mac’s Catering

Other examples of lead generation forms we have created include forms that formulate donations, nominations and applications. Forms like these on your website allow for interaction with your audience at a time of their convenience while also improving efficiency in communication and information gathering for your business.

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