Benefits of a click-through and local landing page

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What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page that gets potential customers where they want to go in their purchase journey. If you were to have an ad for a service, a landing page about that service would be the best place to send the viewer, not the home page of your website. A landing page has more detail about the ad and tells the customer what to do next, whether it is to purchase online, visit your store or give you a call. Types of landing pages include click-through landing pages and local landing pages.

Click-through landing page

A click-through landing page connects an ad to an offer. Unlike a “lead generation” page that contains a form, viewers are taken to a click-through landing page after clicking on an online ad or video.

Elements of a click-through landing page

  • Strong headline about the offer
  • Brief description of the offer
  • Image that represents the business, product, service or promotion
  • Call-to-action words that tell the customer what to do next

Ideally, a click-through landing page would be part of your business’s website. Another option is to have your page on a media company’s website, like

Specific location landing page

A local landing page targets a specific geographical location, beneficial for businesses that serve more than one city. Rich with keywords specific to the targeted area, a local landing page can be a strategy to raise your brand awareness in various locations through SEO.

Elements of specific location landing page

  • Customized content targeted to each local area, even if you are pitching the same service or product
  • Content rich with keywords for strong SEO
  • Pictures and names of business’ you’ve worked with in the area
  • Testimonials from local business’s
  • Call-to-action words that tell the viewer what to do next

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