Behavioral targeting for local businesses

Behavioral targeting with RG Media Company

target marketImagine if you were able to place your TV ad only on the screens of viewers who are most likely to want your product or service. Or if you could own every billboard on the route between work and home for only the people who shop at stores like yours. Or place an insert inside the newspaper on the front doorsteps of only your best customer prospects. Imagine if you could do all this not based on market survey data but actual consumer behavior and in real time. With online display behavioral targeting, you can. And you can do it within the Lane County market,  following your most likely customers around the web on national websites with display ads enticing them to visit your website or click for a special offer. And, yes, since you asked, we can help you do this.

Why behavioral targeting works

Behavioral Targeting works because websites place cookies on your browser as you peruse the web, noting what kinds of sites you’ve been to and what web searches you’ve done. Advertising systems read this data and allow for real time bidding from networks to compete with national and local advertising sources to display ads adjacent to the content you are reading throughout the web. At RG Meida Company in Eugene, Oregon, we have a system that can help our advertisers target consumers from dozens of behaviors and demographics to deliver your message to the audience most likely to respond. Our system tracks the exact number of times your ad is viewed, clicked on and even hovered over as well as which websites your ads appear on and screen shots to prove ad delivery. We also have expert ad designers and digital marketing strategists to help you craft the right message to help reach your target audience.

We recommend a mix of targeted and non-targeted advertising since everyone needs to stay top of mind and a certain percentage of your potential customer base might not know they want your product or service until they see it. (We call that “the serendipity factor” and it’s one of the reasons that print ROP advertising has worked so well for so many years. So many people are perusing our print pages, readers will stumble upon ads that catch their attention, without having made any prior plan to investigate that product or service).

We can help

An effective behaviorally-targeted campaign can complement other more traditional advertising or provide advertisers with smaller budgets a more fine-tuned and segmented audience approach to maximize return on investment. Contact one of our Account Executives today for a personal demo and presentation with recommendations tailored for your business.