5 Ways to write scannable web content

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When it comes to content writing for the Web, the key is to make the content scannable and as easy to read as possible. Readers browsing the Internet are in a hurry and want to find information right away. According to research by Jakob Nielsen, only 16% of test users read web copy word by word. 79% of test users scan a page by picking out individual words and sentences.

Here are five ways to make your content more quick to read:

1. Keep it short

Write short sentences and paragraphs. Only say what is necessary and what is most useful for readers.

2. Put the most important information at the top

Most readers are not going to read an entire page. Think about what information users are looking for most and place it at the top of a web page.

3. Break it up

Use compelling sub headers and images to break up blocks of content. Find images or graphics that don’t take away from your copy, but instead reinforce your message.

4. Use bullet points and numbers

Bullet and numbered lists break up content, summarize information and help readers process content faster.

5. Use design and format effectively

One way to do this is to create a visual content hierarchy using H1, H2 headings. What should a reader read first? Bolder, larger font styles and sizes draw more attention. Make use of white space on the page to highlight certain content elements, and always make call-to-action words stand out.

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