3 Ways strong website content leads to business success

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People spend more than 50% of their time online looking at content.(AOL and Nielsen)

In the age of digital marketing today, having a great website for your business has never been more important for your success. While a fresh website design or mobile friendly design contributes to a good website, content is what drives readers to be inspired to seek out your products or services. As stated by Nielsen’s Digital Consumer Report, American consumers are connected with screens throughout the day and engage with media content for more than 60 hours a week.



Check out these three ways strong content can add to a great website:

1. Strong content engages the reader

74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests. (Janrain)

The primary focus of website content should be to engage readers as much as possible. Information about your products and services should be relevant to your customers; content that is focused and tailored to fit their needs. Try to use call-to-action words and phrases as much as possible to encourage users to take the next step, whether it is to visit you, give you a call, or share your content.

2. Strong content improves SEO

Merely building a great website will not bring readers to your page, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy will. A key element of your SEO strategy should be to know what keywords your readers search for when looking for products and services such as yours. Including these keywords in your website content will raise your website listing on search engine results, driving more traffic to your website.

3. Strong content converts prospects into customers

60% of buyers are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it. (Demand Metric)

The goal for having a great website is not only to inform your readers about your business, but to convert them into customers. Strong, engaging content will build awareness of your brand, and customers will choose you over your competitors.

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