3 Steps to take to improve your bounce rate

Bounce rates and Google Analaytics help, Eugene

What is bounce rate?

The bounce rate in Google Analytics is “the percentage of people who arrive on your site and leave without visiting a second page,” as explained by Blast Analytics & Marketing.

Compare bounce rate to traffic in any given store; how many customers walk into a store only to walk right out? Simply put, bounce rate defines your customer’s experience on your website, and is the key to giving your customers what they want.

What is the best bounce rate?

According to Google, 40-50% is the average bounce rate, and 33% is the magical number that you want to target. However, not all businesses are the same and bounce rates are varied by various factors.

How can bounce rate be improved?

Ask yourself these questions when thinking about how your bounce rate can be improved.

Step 1: Evaluate

  • Site Level: How many visitors are staying on the website?
  • Traffic Sources: Which sources are sending qualified visitors?
  • Landing Pages: Am I providing visitors with the correct landing page experience?

Step 2: Investigate

  • Do I have the right messages in my ads?
  • Do my landing pages offer what is shown in my ads?

Step 3: Take Action

  • How can my ads be improved to give a better user experience?

Step 4: Track results and repeat.

Check out this great info graphic by Kissmetrics to further understand bounce rate:


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