3 features of Google Trends that can help strengthen your website content

Google Trends tips, Eugene

On June 17th, Google released the updated Google Trends, a data tool more powerful than ever before. Google Trends now gives us access to real-time data, pulled from Google Search, Google News, and YouTube. As stated in the official Google Blog, “The new site gives you a faster, deeper and more comprehensive view of our world through the lens of Google Search.”

As a business or organization, Google Trends can be utilized to better understand your clientele, and strengthen your website content.

Take a look at these three top features of Google Trends:

1. Trending Stories

The Trending Stories on the Google Trends home page lets you see what customers care about, and what stories they are looking for within the past 24 hours. Stories are ranked based on what is trending across Google Search, Google News, and YouTube at the same time. The home page also shows Featured Stories­– articles that are currently trending on Google News.

Tip to analyze your customer:

  • Select a category and/or location to see what is popular on the Web within a specific topic or geographical area.

2. Explore

You can find real-time data on any given topic using Explore.

Tip to analyze your customer:

  • Select a country and/or time frame you want the data from
  • Select a category to see how the term you explored compares to any other term in the category selected.
  • Compare data between separate terms, locations, or time frames.

Once a topic is explored, you will see a graph showing the topic’s popularity over time. The Regional Interest section shows how the popularity of the term changed over time across regions. Related Searches show what topics people are searching for in relation to the term you explored.



3. Top Charts

Top Charts found on the left menu, shows a ranked list of what people searched for recently. As explained by Google, “Top Charts highlights topics with high overall search volume for that month.

Tip to analyze your customer:

  • Select a specific category
  • Select a ranked list for topics trending, or topics most searched depending on the data you want.

Using Google Trends for your website content

The primary focus of website content should be to engage readers as much as possible. Information about your products and services should be relevant to your customers– content that is focused and tailored to fit their needs and interests. Google Trends will help you do just this; it will let you discover, learn, and interpret the reality of our world and your clientele.

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