3 Benefits of having professional photography on your website

Professional photography serivces, Eugene

While stock images can be useful in adding personality to your website, having professional photography gives your website a much stronger presence. Professional photography raises the quality of your website, evokes professionalism and creates a stronger connection with the viewer.

3 Benefits of Professional Photography

  1. Send the message you want

    When you have original photos, you have control over the emotion you want to add to your website and the reaction you want to provoke in the viewer. This means a greater first impression on your customers.

  2. Represent your brand

    Custom, professional photography lets you fully expresses what your brand is about. You can showcase real products, services and people on your team.

  3. Promote your business

    Your professional photography will be a great tool in your marketing strategy. High quality, original photos can help your website stand out amongst others and can improve social media following and shares.

Ways we integrate photography into websites

Here are just some ways we integrate custom photography into our clients’ websites:

Header images

An original, high quality header image catches the attention of viewers right away, adding to the design and emotion of the website. Take a look at our photography on the Johnson Farms website.

Professional photography at RG Media Lab in Eugene, Oregon

Header images for Johnson Farms


A gallery is a great place to showcase the quality and variety of your products and services. Take a look at the gallery on The Embers’ website.

Professional photography at RG Media Lab, Eugene, Oregon

Gallery for The Embers

Team photos

Team photos and headshots introduce viewers to the people who represent your brand. Photos of your team can establish a connection between you and your customers before even meeting them. Take a look at headshots we took for the providers at Benson Health Clinic.

Head shots for Benson Health Clinic

Head shots for Benson Health Clinic

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