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Website Must-Haves | Digital Marketing Clinic in Eugene

Your company website is where people go to find out what you do and what differentiates you from your competitors. It’s your first impression for potential clients and customers, and if you don’t have a compelling online presence, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities for data collection, lead generation and customer engagement. RG Media Company… Read more »

RG Media Company launched our 50th Website!

Our Digital Solutions team celebrated our 50th website design last month with the launch of Since 2015, RG Media Company has provided our clients with stellar website designs and tailored functionality to help them meet their business goals. With each design, we have helped our clients increase sales and customer contacts, broaden their membership… Read more »

What our clients are saying about RG Media Company

Testimonials from our clients We help our clients grow their business through a variety of digital services including website design and development, Search Engine Marketing, commercial photography and video production, as well as digital and print advertising. But, don’t just take our work for it—take a look at just some of the testimonials from our… Read more »

Integrating content categorization into your SEO strategy

Integrate content categorization into SEO strategy

Categorizing content to specific areas of a website results in a better user experience. How? Users are exposed to targeted, focused content that match their interests. It can also contribute to the impact of your SEO strategy. Content categorization and SEO Content categorization contributes to search engine optimization (SEO), a necessary component of website development… Read more »

Enhance your SEO strategy with more high quality pages

SEO strategy for Ambassador Fireplaces

There are many components to great web design—usability, layout, content and more. One of the most important elements is Search Engine Optimization, a strategy to organically improve your website’s rank on search engine results. In addition to on-page SEO, the number of high quality pages—pages with engaging and relevant information, can also improve how a… Read more »

8 Benefits of professional web design in Eugene

Web design and devopment in Eugene

No matter what the size of your business, you need professional web design. Eugene may feel like a small city; perhaps you think a basic or even outdated website will suffice. However, the internet is not limited by geography. To outperform your competition, you’ll need professional web design expertise. Our team develops responsive web designs… Read more »

E-commerce website design in Eugene

E-commerce website solutions, RG Media Company

E-commerce is an opportunity for a business to monetize its website. E-commerce solutions can expand your customer base, improve efficiency and help you refine your marketing strategies. Our digital experts can design an e-commerce website that works for you. Three e-commerce marketing benefits 1. Increase revenue E-commerce allows for your business to be open 24/7,… Read more »

Mobile-friendly sites continue to be rewarded

Mobile-friendly web design, Eugene

Having a responsive website is more important than ever. Google announced this month that mobile-friendly websites will continue to be rewarded in their new update this May. This update is a continuation of their update of April 2015, giving responsive sites a boost in search rankings. According to Google, the new update will “increase the… Read more »

We help our clients rise through the Google ranks

Rise through Google Ranks with RG Media Company

In a recent study, our data analyst found that on average, we have helped our website development clients drive 22% more organic Google traffic to their website than they had previously and also helped them appear 12 spots higher in SERP position for a variety of search queries. This means that our clients have gained… Read more »

3 Benefits of having professional photography on your website

Professional photography serivces, Eugene

While stock images can be useful in adding personality to your website, having professional photography gives your website a much stronger presence. Professional photography raises the quality of your website, evokes professionalism and creates a stronger connection with the viewer. 3 Benefits of Professional Photography Send the message you want When you have original photos,… Read more »