Website Hosting

Worry-free website hosting

We offer local hosting support packages to ensure your website is up 24/7 so you don’t have to be. In addition to assistance with domain registration or transfer services, we provide ongoing network support to ensure high security assurance for peace of mind for you and your customers. We maintain constant monitoring systems so we’re alerted to any issues that arise and can address them quickly. Domain based email setup and larger team/company email and calendar system programs are also available.


We scan all our websites on a daily basis to ensure the utmost security for our clients. Using the Wordfence security plugin, we scan for the newest threats to your website, including malware and phishing URLs, suspicious codes and backdoors that create security holes. Plugins and websites are also updated to the newest versions as soon as they are available to increase security and bug fixes.


We make it a priority to keep your website secure. Using Wordfence, we block attackers in real time, including Googlebots, aggressive crawlers, scrapers and even entire malicious networks.

Monitor and Manage

The final step in ensuring your website’s safety is to monitor and manage your security. Wordfence allows us to enforce strong passwords, monitor disk space and to monitor cache usage. When any of our websites incur any downtime from a security threat, our entire team is alerted and our tech support staff is able to provide immediate investigation into the issue.

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