RG Media Company Clinic


All clinics are free with lunch provided.

Clinics 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
3500 Chad Drive, Eugene

Seating is limited.  Register NOW to reserve your spot.

Clinic Schedule


Wednesday, December 6

Video Marketing: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices – How to create compelling video for your website and social channels, and how to get more people to see it.

Wednesday, February 7

Website must-haves that engage customers and increase sales.

Having created websites for more than 50 local businesses, our digital marketing experts will provide insights and advice that ensure your online presence is supporting your business goals.

Wednesday, April 4

You’ve got a beautiful new website. What’s next?

 Without taking steps to get it noticed by potential customers, your site won’t do much for your business. How do you get customers to go to it? We’ll outline the action plan to make the most of your digital marketing dollars.