RG Media Company Clinic


All clinics are free with lunch provided.

Clinics 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
3500 Chad Drive, Eugene

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Clinic Schedule

Tuesday, April 11

Measuring Your Digital Marketing Effectiveness – How to set up goals, track conversion and monitor your digital marketing spending to ensure ROI for both money and time spent.

Wednesday, June 7

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization – Tips for proper set up and maintenance of paid search engine marketing campaigns as well as tips for improving your organic Google search results.

Wednesday, August 2

Targeted Marketing: Behavioral, Re-Targeting, Social Ads and More – How to best utilize the variety of ways to proactively pursue your target market via display banners across the web as well as targeted campaigns using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Wednesday, October 4

How to Utilize Social Media Marketing & Best Social Media Management Practices – Which social media channel is best for your business. How do you drive engagement?

Wednesday, December 6

Video Marketing: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices – How to create compelling video for your website and social channels, and how to get more people to see it.