Print Advertising

The Register-Guard, in print, delivers more audience than any other media in the market and provides opportunities for mass market reach as well targeted niche programs from dozens of locally created special sections. Looking to upload your ad?  Click here and use this form to send us your ad creative.


Daily Retail Display


Daily Weather Page

The daily weather page is among the best-read features of The Register-Guard.

Capture the attention of up to 110,000 average daily readers with a full-color weather page anchor ad on page A2.


Oregon Life Section Front Page Advertising Position

Section front impact with your advertising message on the cover of the Oregon Life section with an exclusive, full color 6 col. x 3 in. anchor ad.


Front Page Spadea Wrap

Now you can cover the news.
Make your advertisement the center of attention with a Front Page Spadea Wrap.


Oregon Life Spadea Wrap

A bold and creative way to grab the attention of over 140,000 readers of The Register-Guard


Ad Notes

Imagine your message on the cover of a newspaper section.



Have your preprinted insert invited into the homes of your customers by using The Register-Guard to distribute them
seven days a week in all or any combination of our 8 zoned areas.


Special Delivery

Target your advertising message to the households surrounding your business. We will print your single sheet ad flyer and insert it into The Register-Guard zoned area you select. There are several paper and ink colors to choose from.


Emerald Valley Shopper

Here’s an affordable and effective wayto advertise your products or services to thousands of homes in central and south Lane County.

Every week, Emerald Valley Shopper delivers grocery inserts and retail ads, plus coupons, to 63,000 households in Eugene, Springfield and south Lane County. Emerald Valley Shopper is received every Wednesday by local residents who do not subscribe to The Register-Guard, reaching over 130,000 potential new customers.


Sunday Comics Package

Reach more shoppers! With gatefolds, spadeas and flysheets.