Digital Advertising

We offer programs with high visibility for branding and awareness as well as tightly targeted niche campaigns that must show high ROI and everything in between. We see it as our role to help local businesses succeed in digital advertising and to better understand how online and offline marketing connect. Call us today (541-338-2259) and find out how to drive real results by increasing your digital presence.


Homepage Sliding Billboard


Static Billboard


Weather Sponsorship

Includes 10% Share of Voice in the super leaderboard (970x90) ad position on The Register-Guard Weather page
Includes 10% Share of Voice in the ROS weather widget ad position on every page of the site
(each should receive well over 300,000 monthly impressions! )


Audience Extension: Behavioral & Re-Targeting

Imagine that you could purchase state of the art advertising on a billboard on the busiest streets in town. Then imagine that you could ensure that the majority of the traffic that sees your billboard is located close to your business and has an interest in your products or services. Audience Extension allows you to do this on the Internet using targeted display ads!


Search Engine Marketing

Your most qualified customer is the one actively searching for your product or service in you target service area. Being able to dynamically attract these potential customers to your site proves to be a very lucrative advertising method. Search Engine Marketing or Pay-Per-Click, is arguably the most profitable advertising medium and without a strong search campaign businesses miss out on hundreds and thousands of opportunities every day.

Let us show you the opportunities you may be missing out on with SEM and why The Register-Guard should be your partner in helping you maximize your budget effectiveness and drive new customers through this channel.